New know-how
juil. 15

New know-how

With metal transformation being at the heart of our work, we seek - by all means possible - to fulfil requests which are increasingly qualitatively diverse.

This has led us to create solutions for series brushing metal sheets of 0.2 mm in thickness, knowing that today the standard for a series is very often limited to 0.5 mm.

To date, DEP INDUSTRIE is the only company in France capable of brushing with this precision. Effectively, in partnership with the ENOMAX company, DEP INDUSTRIE has been able to develop a complex assembly of equipment to produce brushed stainless steel of 0.2 mm in thickness.

After six months of research, testing, prototyping and design, we have arrived at the end results. A technical prowess that only DEP INDUSTRIE and ENOMAX have dared to take on.

This acquisition, initially necessary for the success of a client project, now enables us to meet complex market demands.

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